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CrescentCity 280x280

CD 008
6th Season
Reflexions Over Crescent City
16 Trax
Total Time 73:24
℗ 2007

Christian H. Soetemann, Germany: Guitar On: 02, 03
Ulrike Lorenz, Germany: Clarinet On 03
Markus -marquette- Roth, Germany: Keys On 05
Rick Jacoby, Usa: Guitar On 06
Klaus Kemal König, Germany: Words & Vocals On 07, 10 & 12
Jürgen Fastje, Germany: Guitar Keys & Fx On 08, Guitar On 11
Dennis Sandoo Jr., Norway: Song & Track 10 Drums On 15
Chris Brau, Germany: Bass & Mix On 10
Tony Makkiozza, Italy: Bass On 12
Earritation, Germany: All Trax (except 10), Mastering, Cover Art


ccl by nc nd 100x35

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Download Name Play Size Duration
download Parallel World Trance~Mission
6th Season

4.8 MB 2:36 min
download New Orleans Like Before
6th Season

12.7 MB 6:56 min
download New Orleans - Short Before
6th Season

18.3 MB 9:59 min
download The Big Easy Sink

5 MB 2:43 min
download Liquid Hot Spot
6th Season

9.4 MB 5:09 min
download Frozen Heat
6th Season

4 MB 4:20 min
download Reflexions Over Crescent City

10.1 MB 5:31 min
download 2 late cavalry in an underwater radio
6th Season

4.4 MB 2:23 min
download We Also Break 4 Monkeys, General Said
6th Season

5.3 MB 2:54 min
download 7 Dead Soldiers Or Amy Postal Service

9.3 MB 5:05 min
download No Vote, But Count It
6th Season

6.7 MB 3:38 min
download Little Drummer Boy In The Land Of Liberty
6th Season

5.5 MB 3:00 min
download Brass Off The March Ceremony!
6th Season

7.6 MB 4:09 min
download Pray For The Rebirth Of Big Easy
6th Season

7.1 MB 3:54 min
download Real-Time Update Trance~Mission
6th Season

9.5 MB 5:12 min
download WWOZ Special
6th Season

9.9 MB 5:23 min

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